Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Well hello hello ^^,

 Assalamualaikum! Its been a while dont you think? and its already december if I recall it correctly and ofcourse it is. Its also been a while that I'm not bothered with so many stuff and that is such a relief. I'm truly thankful to Allah for that. Alhamdulillah.

I havent think to actually post something but eventually I have the passion and here I am tadaa ahaha. Before this I've passed my final exam and SPPIM which I cant comment much about it -.-' and that SPPIM thingy its hard for those who learn it with only their brains. The questions are mostly according to our heart and its freaking challenging.

I should be thankful to those who decorates my 2013 with rainbows and unicorns ahahaha no but I really really appreciate you guys though. Eventhough 2013 its a very tiring year to fit in, to comfort myself, to get in with people and school and asrama and my jobs but in the end there will always be people who will tell me to keep calm and chill.

"Come on la. You are more than that."

"Just ignore those people and their thoughts. If you keep listening to them it will lead you to nowhere."

"You're not ugly okay. Stop saying that. Be grateful instead."

"Its just lautan mediterranean. You will recover really soon."

"I created up such thing so that when we meet we can talk about something and we wont be awkward."

"Omg you laugh! I dont know you can laugh."

And lots lots more. Their words are so inspiring and motivating to keep me forward.
For kakaks kakaks DNA thanks for your hospitalities and warmness as our senior. Be good. I'm gonna miss you guys big time.

So next year I will be the senior. I dont even think I can act like one. There will be so many stuff. Even just having a thought of it makes my head spins. Bye

Friday, October 18, 2013

Its hard to tell

 Alhamdulillah c:
I have this uneasy feeling in me. About my future. Something liddat. Because I have a problem with my AMBITION. The problem is, I don't even have one. And that makes me think for several times. Why did I took chemistry, addmath, biology, physic if I don't know what I'm becoming, ey? I just can't make up my mind. Seeing my friends struggling to achieve what they want makes me feel jealous. Really.

Going back to asrama already. Pray for my PS2 and SPPIM c:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Assalamualaikum. Hey :3 Last month I went to a camp called Mukhayyam F4. It was splendid, awesome, daebak, terbaik, etc etc. I was from the Mesir team and we won! I finally got to know my batch better, I guess after spending hard times with them. Teamwork is so important in order to build a great 'country' ehehe. And also I got the best fatayat (Y)

A week before, I went to another camp called Mukhayyam F1 and my face burnt a lot eventhough I'm just being a fasi. At that camp, I got to know my juniors and it is great actually. To be more tolerate, matured and to organize a camp that is such a big work. It is a great experience though.

I think I spent too much  time under the sun until some called me lautan mediterranean bcause of sunburn. And theres even evil mouth. Just bother them all.

" Untunglah putih. Mesti bestkan putih sepanjang masa :< " -me
" Untunglah kurus. Mesti bestkan kurus sepanjang masa T,T " -my friend

And then I realised. Nobody is perfect. Some are short. Some are tall. Some are fat. Some are too thin. Some are dark and etc. All we can do is be greatful, ey?

'till we see again

Hipp hipp hooray

So hmm yeah. Assalamualaikum muslims. Those pictures up there are those what I experienced these few months and I had never got the chance to post about it. So yeah lets begin. (why am I so awkward -.-)

Indeed, we had pizza and perform tarawikh together. It was like dream comes true to have them all like sriously. I didn't expect that coming xD Special thank you to dearest amnani, nadia, raiyan, ilyana, saida, fana, dihar, nik and syidah. But we're missing yati T,T

And yes I had a splendid hari raya. We celebrated it at kota tinggi and it was awesome with all those delicious foods. My grandma is so excellent in cooking. But that picture is actually at kuala berang. 3rd day raya. Didnt have the chance to raya with along and angah for quite some times.

I think thats it. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Minang most wanted yaww

          So hye Assalamualaikum. Didnt have the chance before
 so alhamdulillah lets start
Actually my mom is a minang-ians. I guess I'm the same, ey? 
But unfortunately, I cant speak minang but I can understand it wonderfully haha.
Minangs' foods are awesome.
The people are awesome.
We pronounce lemang as 'lamang'
We are that kind of minang.

Besides that, I'm also a kuala berang-ians.
That above picture, don't get me wrong.
He is not a clown, he is my dad.
He is the one that is pure kuala berang actually.
And he is my idol. Sort of eheh
In case if you dont know, kuala berang's slang is so hard to understand. If you think that terengganu's slang is hard, kuala berang's is harder.
So now I would like to share some of it
Uning = them all
Sute = one
Dua ute = two
Ghobok = furniture
Awang = boy
Wok = dear
Dok mboh = i dont want
Kachong = a really slim grasshopper ( abah often call me this )

"Kachong, tengok ni kachong masuk suratkhabar." -abah
" haha really." *I dont believe him
"Tengok ni."
Hahahha our mgbsim's photo is in the newspaper actually.
Abah spotted me!
Haha okay
Bye. I'll be going back to johor this afternoon
Salam'alaik :)

Friday, August 2, 2013


Assalamualaikum :>
The reason why I write this post is because I would like to dedicate something to my 'swaggers'. I dont know why but eventually everytime I'm on my break from school and hostel, I will still unable to actually be with my friends. I'm sorry for that :( I dont want my previous mistakes to happen all over again. I dont want to be awkward and lost when I'm with them. I still want to be part of them. 
To amnani,
I'm sincerely sorry for not having enough time to spend with you. I keep your word in mind.
"Lepas ni nak satu hari yang kita boleh lepak the whole day, janji?" 
Well sort of liddat. I'm trying to fulfill that. One day insyaAllah like last year c:
To nadia, ilyana, fana, yati, dihar, raiyan etc,
Sorry if I'm being awkward when we met. I'm so that kind of person who gets crazy when I'm comfortable with the situation. I will try my very very best to get comfy really really fast. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

Like whaaatt?

I'm so surprised. Its already July and that means I've already been far from my family for like 6 month. I just can't believe myself I was able to do that. To not be a crybaby, manja, stone-head, anger and sort of stuff. I know, some people they've already been far from their family more than 2 or even 4 years but I'm still very proud of myself. I think I've been changing a lot. To the good side. Perhaps its because of the good surroundings, supportive friends and that 'paid jail' a.k.a asrama lol. Maybe this is what my family wants. My HENSHIN. FROM ZERO TO HERO. I don't even notice am I bad before this but yeahhh I changed. Mentally not yet physically. From now on I don't want impress anyone, I want to impress myself. That's enough. Smile :D

Ramadhan is here!!!!!!!!!!

Ramadhan is when you will see people bring their Quran all over the place. You will see bazaar in the evening. You will see people wake up early in the morning before fajr for sahr and less people wasting their time. Why? Because these fortunate people know the blessing, the harmony and the peaceful of Ramadhan. How lucky they are :< I'm still looking for the Ruh of Ramadhan itself. I want to feel this years' Ramadhan like truly feel it inside. I don't want to waste my Ramadhan like those past years. Its such a waste T.T For the future, I want to finish 30 Juz of Quran and do all good deeds. Pray for me and InsyaAllah I'll pray for you.
Ma'assalamah :))

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I have a serious problem. I can't manage my time, and also I have problem with my heart. Indeed, picture speaks louder than words. YOU GOTTA START SOMEWHERE. Now I'm like regretting taking science streams. Why? Because I'm not that kind of person who study every prep time. I wont remember most of the lessons in class. I slept in classes. What is wrong with me? I think I need motivation. From someone who cares perhaps.


Assalamualaikum muslims. Last week, I company my beloved lovely sister to the clinic to bring her baby for check up and she asked me to check my blood as well because I look so freakin pale. To make it short, the doctor asked me to go to wad kecemasan at hospital serdang right away after getting the result of my blood.
I was like, "Vas happenin ?"

I was so scared because yeahh in my entire life, I had never when to a hospital as a patient. Scaryy. In the end, I have to be warded. Goshh, they cucuk me with that long, sharp jarum and its so freaking hurts T.T le crying lol.

The next day, I have my own room, alone haha. Theres no one to company me. Yeah I understood, busy isn't it? hmm They begin to transfuse a bag of blood. I just knew that I'm O positive type of person. hokaihh I'm starting to think. Whose blood I'm 'drinking'? Seriously.

The second day, they transfused the second bag. And in the afternoon, I was allowed to go back home yippeee. They also give me lots of medicine huhh. Okay, what I can tell you is that, staying at the hospital teach me to be more patience, berdikari, love myself. Before this I've always wanted to eventually stay at the hospital. lol childish me. See ya :>

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beautiful experiences

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and lets begin. Throughout this year, I've experienced lots and tons of stuff. Its all about excitement wuhoo and I'll just gonna write it in a superb long post because yeah I'm lazy.
First of all, I did have many new friends, we can call it as new ukhuwwah :)
On May, we had Teachers Day and we have to do everything and it was awesome!
The foods were awesome, the preparation was awesome, the video, the photobooth, the lomo, the ustaz ustazah, the bee16 and the kids were all awesome (^^,) I enjoyed it like so freakin' much.

Bee16 girls 
Decorated photobooth

On what I didnt remember but I think its in the end of May I suppose -..-' I went to MGBSIM '13 and it was great like superbly great. I was from Hidayah JB and we managed to win 13 golds :D I participate in netball and 4x400. 4x400 was epic xD Ustaz randomly pick me and I was like NOOOOOO I couldnt run that far. I have to run twice and everytime after running I will collapse. Wuuuu epic isn't it? haha
Good job and congrats Hidayah JB. Luaskan kuasamu Johor lol 
Me and Dalila. Marching time

 After running. Going back

                                                                        Before netball
                                                                        4x400 people

                                                             Thanks Nuha. Take care c:

                                                               In my heart. Always gegurls :D

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yayy yayyy

                      Peace be upon you. I pray that you guys in a good condition InsyaAllah
Yesterday I met my swaggers and I'm so happyyy. They are still the same and still gila :D What makes me less happy is when  I have to choose either my family or my friends. It is such a hard decision to make, eh? Yes I love my family, yes I do lovee my friends, so? How to make decisions? -..- My mind currently in tepu condition. Can't even think. In the end, I managed to do both and yet I still able to meet amnani hehe my buncett :3


Nampak tak muka semangat XD

Heyyyah everyone!! Assalamualaikum hehe :P why am I so excited. Okay now it's already March and only now I have the time to update mahh lovely blog. Yes yes I'm fine thank you :) long time no see everyone. My new school? hmm all I can say is Red Team won!!! Sukan is such a great time. Let out all the sweat, burns all fats and also darken your face. I joined netball, lompat jauh and lari lari. Netball for lifee (Y) Ohh how I miss sukan TT

 Kena paksa masuk perbarisan lol
Victory is ours wohooo

And last but not least my bio, chemist, physic, addmath wuuuuuu I should struggle more and more :( My newest result is such ehem ehem and so humiliating for me lah. Now I currently busy with boja mssd. Pray for me (n.n)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Page 2 of 365 Alhamdulillah
Page 3 of 365: not doing anything. Like a bawwwsss.

My second day of 2013, I went to school cause there was a program and actually I don't have to come and I don't want to come because I'm so lazyyyyy. But after my dearest friends begged me to come, so there you go, I was there. Before going back home, I took the opportunity to salam salam my friends and say goodbye and that was the hardest part of all. I DIDNT SAY GOODBYE TO NADIA, HAYATI AND AISHAH because they're weren't there hmmphh :/

So today I'm bored because I'm not doing anything but actually I have tons of stuff to do. Cleaning, sidai-ing, packing, eat but all I do is sitting in front of the laptop and imagine what will happen when the school starts. And that is actually wrong, wrong, wrong. 

That is why I post this, cause I'm bored. 


I'm so sorry for everything, my swaggers. Love you guys till Jannah :')


Happy 2013 guys! 
Alhamdulillah, we will be facing a new new new year, and we should motivate ourselves to be better, insyaAllah. This year I'll be going to Hidayah JB. No more Al-amin Bangi. No more Amnani, Nadia, Hayati, Farhaanah, Ilyana, Aishah, Izdihar, Rasyidah, Saidatul, Najwa, Nik, Husna, Hanisah, Nadiah Husna etc. Oh My Rabb, I can't imagine my lifeee. Like seriously I'm not that friendly to strangers. Hypocrite maybe. I'll be faking smile, faking everything. 'What if I have no friends at all?' My negative thoughts go crazyyy.

"@YatizzPozzie: Rehat pertama without nani and ufai ? Peliknyaaa T^T"


" @shahzhari:  selamat menjadi musuh ketat Al-Amin Bangi XD"

" @Saaaidaa97: Orang lain hari pertama, dia terakhir :'( You must wait for that surprise. Wait"

"@nuruliss: nani dah pergi hiraa' , ufai memang dah confirm pergi hidayah jb :'< "

"@Frhaanh: janganlah pergi :( RT : Petang ni dah nak pergi dah :("