Thursday, August 15, 2013

Minang most wanted yaww

          So hye Assalamualaikum. Didnt have the chance before
 so alhamdulillah lets start
Actually my mom is a minang-ians. I guess I'm the same, ey? 
But unfortunately, I cant speak minang but I can understand it wonderfully haha.
Minangs' foods are awesome.
The people are awesome.
We pronounce lemang as 'lamang'
We are that kind of minang.

Besides that, I'm also a kuala berang-ians.
That above picture, don't get me wrong.
He is not a clown, he is my dad.
He is the one that is pure kuala berang actually.
And he is my idol. Sort of eheh
In case if you dont know, kuala berang's slang is so hard to understand. If you think that terengganu's slang is hard, kuala berang's is harder.
So now I would like to share some of it
Uning = them all
Sute = one
Dua ute = two
Ghobok = furniture
Awang = boy
Wok = dear
Dok mboh = i dont want
Kachong = a really slim grasshopper ( abah often call me this )

"Kachong, tengok ni kachong masuk suratkhabar." -abah
" haha really." *I dont believe him
"Tengok ni."
Hahahha our mgbsim's photo is in the newspaper actually.
Abah spotted me!
Haha okay
Bye. I'll be going back to johor this afternoon
Salam'alaik :)

Friday, August 2, 2013


Assalamualaikum :>
The reason why I write this post is because I would like to dedicate something to my 'swaggers'. I dont know why but eventually everytime I'm on my break from school and hostel, I will still unable to actually be with my friends. I'm sorry for that :( I dont want my previous mistakes to happen all over again. I dont want to be awkward and lost when I'm with them. I still want to be part of them. 
To amnani,
I'm sincerely sorry for not having enough time to spend with you. I keep your word in mind.
"Lepas ni nak satu hari yang kita boleh lepak the whole day, janji?" 
Well sort of liddat. I'm trying to fulfill that. One day insyaAllah like last year c:
To nadia, ilyana, fana, yati, dihar, raiyan etc,
Sorry if I'm being awkward when we met. I'm so that kind of person who gets crazy when I'm comfortable with the situation. I will try my very very best to get comfy really really fast.