Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Make a wish ufairah

Well well look whos in mood
Me me me!
Assalamualaikum ladies
Happy rejab
May He showers us with His blessings amin
Like most of you dont know that
26th April 2014
Is actually my birthday yey
Eventhough its my 17th birthday
But who cares 
I am still full of ecstasies 😘
As the number increases each year
From 0 to 17 this year
Ive been living the life
I'm having now
With the love of my parents
Siblings and friends.
And its actually the whys I enjoy every seconds of my life
I know the older I get
The more barricades I have to pass through
More ujian
And stuff like that to teach me the true meaning of life
In life we should not only longing for humans love
Because true love is actually 
Rabb's love
Not any of those monkeys love and love to a man
Its more than that
Its pure
I hope and wish that through my 17 years living
I've shown my efforts in catching Mardhatillah
So that one day I can tell others too and keep it spreading
I'm officially 17
Thank you for all the wishes
Baju tido
What I really want is actually 
duas from my beloved
I'm a big girl now
Dont ever think to shoot me down
Cause I wont fall
Especially in this right path
Wassalam 😌😌