Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What, why?

So like all Malaysians knew that yesterday every PMR-ians for 2012 get their results and same goes to me. The bad news is, I don't get straight A's like my other siblings and some of my friends does but alhamdulillah,  mine is not that bad. Although I'd target 9A. Who didn't? duhhh... I won't get any present :( It's all my fault actually. I admit it.

But you know what? Eventhough I don't get the result that I've always wanted, I don't want to blame anyone. Yes, the main source of my failure is myself, but Allah knows the best from the beginning. Allah knew what will happen if I get that 9A that I've always wanted. For that, thank you Allah.

I don't want to care about what people will be talking about me.What will they think about me. I did my best. Sort of -..- So next year will be no more playing around like a hippo. I want to get the best out of the best. I want to make my parents proud of me :')

Love life

I don't know what happened 'till I have the feeling to make a new blog. So, this is my first post, don't expect too much from me. I don't know how to make nice words. I don't know how to make people smile and laugh and love me. Just hope mine won't be that terrible. And hello, Assalamualaikum, my name is Nurul `Ufairah Khairudin.