Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yayy yayyy

                      Peace be upon you. I pray that you guys in a good condition InsyaAllah
Yesterday I met my swaggers and I'm so happyyy. They are still the same and still gila :D What makes me less happy is when  I have to choose either my family or my friends. It is such a hard decision to make, eh? Yes I love my family, yes I do lovee my friends, so? How to make decisions? -..- My mind currently in tepu condition. Can't even think. In the end, I managed to do both and yet I still able to meet amnani hehe my buncett :3


Nampak tak muka semangat XD

Heyyyah everyone!! Assalamualaikum hehe :P why am I so excited. Okay now it's already March and only now I have the time to update mahh lovely blog. Yes yes I'm fine thank you :) long time no see everyone. My new school? hmm all I can say is Red Team won!!! Sukan is such a great time. Let out all the sweat, burns all fats and also darken your face. I joined netball, lompat jauh and lari lari. Netball for lifee (Y) Ohh how I miss sukan TT

 Kena paksa masuk perbarisan lol
Victory is ours wohooo

And last but not least my bio, chemist, physic, addmath wuuuuuu I should struggle more and more :( My newest result is such ehem ehem and so humiliating for me lah. Now I currently busy with boja mssd. Pray for me (n.n)