Thursday, June 6, 2013


I have a serious problem. I can't manage my time, and also I have problem with my heart. Indeed, picture speaks louder than words. YOU GOTTA START SOMEWHERE. Now I'm like regretting taking science streams. Why? Because I'm not that kind of person who study every prep time. I wont remember most of the lessons in class. I slept in classes. What is wrong with me? I think I need motivation. From someone who cares perhaps.


Assalamualaikum muslims. Last week, I company my beloved lovely sister to the clinic to bring her baby for check up and she asked me to check my blood as well because I look so freakin pale. To make it short, the doctor asked me to go to wad kecemasan at hospital serdang right away after getting the result of my blood.
I was like, "Vas happenin ?"

I was so scared because yeahh in my entire life, I had never when to a hospital as a patient. Scaryy. In the end, I have to be warded. Goshh, they cucuk me with that long, sharp jarum and its so freaking hurts T.T le crying lol.

The next day, I have my own room, alone haha. Theres no one to company me. Yeah I understood, busy isn't it? hmm They begin to transfuse a bag of blood. I just knew that I'm O positive type of person. hokaihh I'm starting to think. Whose blood I'm 'drinking'? Seriously.

The second day, they transfused the second bag. And in the afternoon, I was allowed to go back home yippeee. They also give me lots of medicine huhh. Okay, what I can tell you is that, staying at the hospital teach me to be more patience, berdikari, love myself. Before this I've always wanted to eventually stay at the hospital. lol childish me. See ya :>

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beautiful experiences

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and lets begin. Throughout this year, I've experienced lots and tons of stuff. Its all about excitement wuhoo and I'll just gonna write it in a superb long post because yeah I'm lazy.
First of all, I did have many new friends, we can call it as new ukhuwwah :)
On May, we had Teachers Day and we have to do everything and it was awesome!
The foods were awesome, the preparation was awesome, the video, the photobooth, the lomo, the ustaz ustazah, the bee16 and the kids were all awesome (^^,) I enjoyed it like so freakin' much.

Bee16 girls 
Decorated photobooth

On what I didnt remember but I think its in the end of May I suppose -..-' I went to MGBSIM '13 and it was great like superbly great. I was from Hidayah JB and we managed to win 13 golds :D I participate in netball and 4x400. 4x400 was epic xD Ustaz randomly pick me and I was like NOOOOOO I couldnt run that far. I have to run twice and everytime after running I will collapse. Wuuuu epic isn't it? haha
Good job and congrats Hidayah JB. Luaskan kuasamu Johor lol 
Me and Dalila. Marching time

 After running. Going back

                                                                        Before netball
                                                                        4x400 people

                                                             Thanks Nuha. Take care c:

                                                               In my heart. Always gegurls :D