Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Well hello hello ^^,

 Assalamualaikum! Its been a while dont you think? and its already december if I recall it correctly and ofcourse it is. Its also been a while that I'm not bothered with so many stuff and that is such a relief. I'm truly thankful to Allah for that. Alhamdulillah.

I havent think to actually post something but eventually I have the passion and here I am tadaa ahaha. Before this I've passed my final exam and SPPIM which I cant comment much about it -.-' and that SPPIM thingy its hard for those who learn it with only their brains. The questions are mostly according to our heart and its freaking challenging.

I should be thankful to those who decorates my 2013 with rainbows and unicorns ahahaha no but I really really appreciate you guys though. Eventhough 2013 its a very tiring year to fit in, to comfort myself, to get in with people and school and asrama and my jobs but in the end there will always be people who will tell me to keep calm and chill.

"Come on la. You are more than that."

"Just ignore those people and their thoughts. If you keep listening to them it will lead you to nowhere."

"You're not ugly okay. Stop saying that. Be grateful instead."

"Its just lautan mediterranean. You will recover really soon."

"I created up such thing so that when we meet we can talk about something and we wont be awkward."

"Omg you laugh! I dont know you can laugh."

And lots lots more. Their words are so inspiring and motivating to keep me forward.
For kakaks kakaks DNA thanks for your hospitalities and warmness as our senior. Be good. I'm gonna miss you guys big time.

So next year I will be the senior. I dont even think I can act like one. There will be so many stuff. Even just having a thought of it makes my head spins. Bye