Friday, October 18, 2013

Its hard to tell

 Alhamdulillah c:
I have this uneasy feeling in me. About my future. Something liddat. Because I have a problem with my AMBITION. The problem is, I don't even have one. And that makes me think for several times. Why did I took chemistry, addmath, biology, physic if I don't know what I'm becoming, ey? I just can't make up my mind. Seeing my friends struggling to achieve what they want makes me feel jealous. Really.

Going back to asrama already. Pray for my PS2 and SPPIM c:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Assalamualaikum. Hey :3 Last month I went to a camp called Mukhayyam F4. It was splendid, awesome, daebak, terbaik, etc etc. I was from the Mesir team and we won! I finally got to know my batch better, I guess after spending hard times with them. Teamwork is so important in order to build a great 'country' ehehe. And also I got the best fatayat (Y)

A week before, I went to another camp called Mukhayyam F1 and my face burnt a lot eventhough I'm just being a fasi. At that camp, I got to know my juniors and it is great actually. To be more tolerate, matured and to organize a camp that is such a big work. It is a great experience though.

I think I spent too much  time under the sun until some called me lautan mediterranean bcause of sunburn. And theres even evil mouth. Just bother them all.

" Untunglah putih. Mesti bestkan putih sepanjang masa :< " -me
" Untunglah kurus. Mesti bestkan kurus sepanjang masa T,T " -my friend

And then I realised. Nobody is perfect. Some are short. Some are tall. Some are fat. Some are too thin. Some are dark and etc. All we can do is be greatful, ey?

'till we see again

Hipp hipp hooray

So hmm yeah. Assalamualaikum muslims. Those pictures up there are those what I experienced these few months and I had never got the chance to post about it. So yeah lets begin. (why am I so awkward -.-)

Indeed, we had pizza and perform tarawikh together. It was like dream comes true to have them all like sriously. I didn't expect that coming xD Special thank you to dearest amnani, nadia, raiyan, ilyana, saida, fana, dihar, nik and syidah. But we're missing yati T,T

And yes I had a splendid hari raya. We celebrated it at kota tinggi and it was awesome with all those delicious foods. My grandma is so excellent in cooking. But that picture is actually at kuala berang. 3rd day raya. Didnt have the chance to raya with along and angah for quite some times.

I think thats it.