Saturday, July 13, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

Like whaaatt?

I'm so surprised. Its already July and that means I've already been far from my family for like 6 month. I just can't believe myself I was able to do that. To not be a crybaby, manja, stone-head, anger and sort of stuff. I know, some people they've already been far from their family more than 2 or even 4 years but I'm still very proud of myself. I think I've been changing a lot. To the good side. Perhaps its because of the good surroundings, supportive friends and that 'paid jail' a.k.a asrama lol. Maybe this is what my family wants. My HENSHIN. FROM ZERO TO HERO. I don't even notice am I bad before this but yeahhh I changed. Mentally not yet physically. From now on I don't want impress anyone, I want to impress myself. That's enough. Smile :D

Ramadhan is here!!!!!!!!!!

Ramadhan is when you will see people bring their Quran all over the place. You will see bazaar in the evening. You will see people wake up early in the morning before fajr for sahr and less people wasting their time. Why? Because these fortunate people know the blessing, the harmony and the peaceful of Ramadhan. How lucky they are :< I'm still looking for the Ruh of Ramadhan itself. I want to feel this years' Ramadhan like truly feel it inside. I don't want to waste my Ramadhan like those past years. Its such a waste T.T For the future, I want to finish 30 Juz of Quran and do all good deeds. Pray for me and InsyaAllah I'll pray for you.
Ma'assalamah :))