Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The pain

Now I can finally say it, I feel left out.
Looking at how those who i spent most of my times with
Seems like they dont need me anymore in their life
It seems like its better to not be bothered by me
It seems that they feel relieved that they can finally escape from my grip
Then what are the values of those in the past?
I now feel paranoid, trauma.
I now believe that
No one around me will ever last
They leave when its all done
When they get tired, the sparks die
And all the oath and promises are all lies
because neither any shows any effort.
So tell me what is friendship?
Is it just some kind of experiment
To see which level of human-being you belong to?

If so, proceed with your life
Be my guest,
Leave me alone
And dont return to me
Only to fix your scars
Because i dont think it could be fix anymore

*gambar takde kaitan*
Maybe after all, all this while I'm just some side actor in your drama

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