Thursday, June 25, 2015


I feel like sharing pictures of what i was doing all this while
For myself of course.

Just a team driving lamborghini thats all hahaha

A little bit of reunion with these fam bams a.k.a assobiyah-ing.
For your concern that was not the part of our plan
We dont really wanted to be just with us 'bangi-ians'
But some assumed that so......

(Where am i?)

 (Where am i part 2)

This is what i called as
Can you imagine spending some really quality times with all your
really loved ones at the beach?
You can feel the breeze touching your face and body while
feel the love in your surroundings?
It feels just right.

Well that mokcik over there is nadhus 
Thats probably her cutest face :')
thank you Allah for this creature 

So many people that I strongly love in our picture urgh
and it hurts right now the fact that i cant see your faces 
virtually that i can directly communicate with
This people are actually,
the strong reason whyyy i was able to
understand myself and to stay in this way
and probably better.
Currently i'm at uitm shah alam
doing foundation for law
i have all the reasons why did i choose law
so dont worry alright
i will survive this alive, insyaAllah.
Here, i also have wonderful people thats 
so close to my heart 
The most important thing is that i have Allah
in everything that i do and everywhere i go
and thats enough for me.

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