Saturday, June 28, 2014


"I might be crazy because I love my bestfriend more than a guy."
To the girl that I
share my ice with
share my foods with
share my earphones with
share my favourite songs
share my favourite people haha
share my problems
share my imaginations
share my clothes
share my crazy thoughts
share my drawing books with
share my passion
sharing your home
sharing your room
sharing late night conversations
share my life with
I only knew you about 4 years I guess
 But I know you will do anything
Like iftar last year
Honestly I cant believe you actually did that
That is the most beautiful moment babe
I  remember you brought ice on pmr
I  remember your kek batik
I remember your ipod yang ana selalu lupa nak tutup
I remember the first time you own your camera
The day we fought
I remember redbull
Sorry for my wrongdoings beb
Believe me
You're perfect to me
( Little things playing* )

 I'm not good with words.

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